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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

Thank you for choosing to use the Ski Resort Advisor website. This service is offered both to help you make informed decisions on which ski resorts to visit, and also to facilitate the creation of social groups through networking, via our profile features. We will also provide articles and other media, within our blog.

By using this site, we ask that you adhere by the Terms and Conditions set out below. We also specify that you must be at least sixteen years of age. This is due to the social networking aspect of the website, and the discretionary disclosure of personal data. Upon registration it is necessary to acknowledge that you have read and understand this document. By doing so, you also acknowledge that you are of sixteen years or above.

Ski Resort Advisor will never knowingly keep data records of any person under the age of sixteen. If for any reason we suspect that a user is under the required adult age we reserve the right to prohibit them to access the site, and will delete their account without question.

2. Use of this site

The use of this website is solely for the activities listed in (1) above, and for personal use only. We reserve the right to make alterations and modifications.

Any other use of the website is strictly prohibited. This includes any modifying, reproducing, publishing, or sabotage. Any data that is downloaded must be for individual use only and may not be used for any other commercial purpose.

3. Resort Data

The data displayed within our ‘Search Resorts’ section, is derived from our own independent research. Whilst we do our upmost to ensure that everything displayed is correct, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, as some statistics change as resorts develop and expand. Ski Resort Advisor should only be used as a guide to assist in choosing where to travel next. We advise individuals to also conduct their own independent research before deciding on their next destination.

4. Writing Reviews

In order for Ski Resort Advisor to offer a valuable service to it’s visitors it relies on the creation of first-hand, unbiased, personal reviews on previous trips. However, it is necessary to stipulate the following exclusions as to what may not form part of a review:

  • Any content that is false, unlawful, deliberately misleading, obscene, indecent, suggestive, abusive, threatening or fraudulent
  • Any sexual, racial or political remarks
  • Any comments directly made about a particular establishment (ie. hotel/restaurant) that could have a severely detrimental effect on their business
  • Private information about an individual or third-party, such as names, addresses, phone numbers etc.
  • Any content containing subliminal messages, embedded files or hyperlinks of any kind
  • Any content containing a virus, worm, trojan-horse, or harmful file 
  • Advertising of products and services
  • Anything at all that is deemed as unrelated to the particular resort in question
  • Unnecessary and exaggerated negative views

Once a review has been submitted it is automatically sent to the administration team for moderation. Ski Resort Advisor reserves the right to (i) not publish, and (ii) delete, any review that contains any of the exclusions listed above. The reviewer will not be notified, and may also have their account suspended.

For information on how to write a good review, click here.

5. Profiles

In order to use many of the features contained within this website it is necessary to create an account with us. In order to do this it is mandatory to submit certain personal information. (For more information on this subject, see our Privacy Policy)

An account holder may decide to fill out the basic information necessary in order to activate the account. Alternatively they may opt to fill in more of the fields within their profile for the purposes of:

  • Making friends and contacts within the world of snow sports, or
  • Finding other people to ski or snowboard with

Ski Resort Advisor is not a dating website, and does not advocate anything associated with this.

The information that you choose to share within your profile should be selected carefully, and is entered at your own risk. It is an account holder’s responsibility to take ownership of their profile. This includes keeping it up to date, and changing passwords periodically to maintain security.

5.1 Contact Information

An individual has the option to display certain contact information (social networking links and email addresses), but they do so at their own risk. Once directed to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Linked In, a user will be governed by the said website’s Terms and Conditions.

If a person decides to display an email address then they must be willing to receive emails from other users. It is then their choice as to whether they respond to any incoming emails.

It is essential that any individual should exercise a high degree of caution when contacting and responding to other users. This means not disclosing personal information such as addresses, date of birth’s, or financial information.

For the safety of it’s users Ski Resort Advisor operates a strict, zero-tolorance policy towards any of the following:

  • Threatening, abusive or malicious messages
  • Messages containing lewd or sexual content
  • Stalking or harassment of any individual by another user of SkiResortAdvisor
  • Messages sent by unauthorised third party marketing companies
  • Messages containing any embedded viruses

5.2 Planned Trips

One of the features of Ski Resort Advisor is the ability to search for trips that have been planned by other users, for the purposes of meeting people out in resort. This obviously requires a certain amount of trust by all parties concerned.

When posting the details of a trip, we have been careful to ensure that the details entered don’t compromise your security. For example, no real names and exact dates of a trip are displayed. If you decide to engage with another person to discuss a planned trip, it is essential not to tell them anything to do with your home address, or anything that may breach your own security.

When meeting in a resort, ensure you select a public place that is well populated, and if possible take others along with you; or at least tell someone you know where you are planning to meet.

5.3 Photographs

Within a profile it is possible to upload ten photographs to illustrate your previous trips. In addition you can also upload a main profile picture. Under no circumstances may a photograph containing sexual content or nudity be uploaded. Any person choosing to ignore this condition will have their account suspended immediately, and their details passed on to the relevant authorities.

If you experience a profile containing any kind of indecent image then you should contact us immediately at


6. Complaints Procedure

As a user of this site, we hope that you find it both an enjoyable and informative experience. However if you wish to log a complaint, or contact us about another user or a review that you are not happy with, you should email us at

We will respond to your request within 14 days.


7. Disclaimer

The content displayed within this site is based on the research carried out by Ski Resort Advisor, it’s associates and affiliated companies, and the reviews of individual users. Whilst we do our upmost to ensure it’s accuracy, Ski Resort Advisor cannot guarantee this, and therefore disclaim all liability for any accident, injury, time-delay, lack of snow, unsuitability, or otherwise, sustained as a result of the use of this information.

In addition Ski Resort Advisor disclaim responsibility for the actions or outcomes of any member who wishes to engage with another, through email contact, via social media links, or by meeting in person. Ski Resort Advisor explicitly states that users wishing to contact others should be vigilant in safeguarding themselves.

Any individual who chooses to use Ski Resort Advisor does so at their own risk, and should take all of the usual necessary precautions associated with travelling abroad.


8. Copyright

All of the contents of this website are copyrighted by Ski Resort Advisor. All rights reserved. This includes any data or images that appear within all pages. In addition this extends to the site layout, headings, logos, buttons, user interface and structure of the pages. Under no circumstances can any part of this be copied, reproduced or imitated, without the written consent of Ski Resort Advisor.


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