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Serbia - Kopaonik

Overall Rating: 5
Serbia - Kopaonik


Accomodation 3.00 Town 4.00 Local facilities 5.00 (i.e. restaurants, hire shops) Slope conditions 5.00 Lift system 3.00 Skiing / Snowboarding experience 5.00 Apres-ski 5.00


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2 Reviews
" Summer in Kopaonik " Serbia - Kopaonik 5 Review date: 08/12/2014 Date of trip: July - 2014 I stayed in Kopaonik during the summer months, how...
Accomodation 3 Town 4 Local facilities 5 (i.e. Restaurants, hire shops) Slope conditions 5 Lift system 3 Skiing / boarding experience 5 Apres ski 5
I stayed in Kopaonik during the summer months, however, I have heard wonderful things about this ski town for the winter months as well. There are a number of slopes for all ski and snowboard levels. The lifts are your standard chairlifts, I did not see any gondolas. I plan to visit again this winter and will be able to write more. Overall, the town itself is quite nice, and it does not feel like it is in Serbia. The view from the top of the highest peak, Pancicev Vrh, is gorgeous. I have written a full review about this town on my blog, if interested please follow the link at

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