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France - La Clusaz

Overall Rating: 3
France - La Clusaz


Accomodation 3.00 Town 4.00 Local facilities 4.00 (i.e. restaurants, hire shops) Slope conditions 3.00 Lift system 2.00 Skiing / Snowboarding experience 3.00 Apres-ski 4.00

Marked Pistes

Beginner: 48
Intermediate: 29
Advanced: 7


Drag: 27
Chair: 15
Gondola: 5
Cable Car: 1

Resort Facts

Total Pistes: 84

Summit Altitude: 2477m

Nearest Airports: Geneva (68km), Chambery (82km)

Resort Website:

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Monoski Nick
6 Reviews
" Lots to do but oh my word it's busy " France - La Clusaz 3 Review date: 21/02/2015 Date of trip: February - 2015 La Clusaz is only about 40 minutes from the city o...
Accomodation 3 Town 4 Local facilities 4 (i.e. Restaurants, hire shops) Slope conditions 3 Lift system 2 Skiing / boarding experience 3 Apres ski 4
La Clusaz is only about 40 minutes from the city of Annecy and as a result it seems to be one of the resorts that the French flock to for ease of access during peak season or when they have a day or two to spare. As a result unless you are in the resort for 9.00 a.m. you can forget about parking anywhere near the slopes. There are car parks to use but some of these are so far from the lifts that you still have to get a bus from the car park to the main lifts.

The town itself is extremely busy with lots of bars, shops and restaurants. However it isn't traffic free and if quiet, traffic-free alpine charm is what you are looking for then this is not the place for you. If you're here for the week and don't plan on travelling anywhere then you'll probably be quite easily entertained.

The one very notable point to mention is that the lift system is one of the strangest and inefficient that I've seen. There are hardly any lifts where you'd want them (i.e. at the bottom of the mountain) to reduce the queues but there are others further up the slopes where 2 lifts are together and end up going to more or less the same place. It's quite difficult therefore to quickly work out where you are going and not easy to travel from one side of the resort to the other.

If you buy the Aravis area lift pass you can use the slopes in nearby Grand Bornand which is a little quieter and has a more straightforward lift system and also I thought better quality and range of slopes.
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