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USA - Breckenridge

Overall Rating: 5
USA - Breckenridge


Accomodation 5.00 Town 5.00 Local facilities 5.00 (i.e. restaurants, hire shops) Slope conditions 5.00 Lift system 5.00 Skiing / Snowboarding experience 4.00 Apres-ski 3.00

Marked Pistes

Beginner: 11%
Intermediate: 31%
Advanced: 58%


Drag: 14
Chair: 19
Gondola: 1
Cable Car: 0

Resort Facts

Total Pistes: 187
Ski Area: 2908acres

Base Altitude: 2926m
Summit Altitude: 3963m

Nearest Airports: Eagle (119km), Denver (172km)

Resort Website:

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Josh Holdsworth
2 Reviews
" Lovely American slopes " USA - Breckenridge 5 Review date: 27/10/2014 Date of trip: December - 2009 Breckenridge is an absolutely lovely area to be in...
Accomodation 5 Town 5 Local facilities 5 (i.e. Restaurants, hire shops) Slope conditions 5 Lift system 5 Skiing / boarding experience 4 Apres ski 3
Breckenridge is an absolutely lovely area to be in, it thrives with American culture which is like no other. The town is full of lovely shops and places to eat and drink. Its also the kind of place that makes everything easy for tourists to get rental gear and get lift passes, something that always seems a chore and a pain at the beginning of a holiday in Europe. Overall I think that the area is an amazing place to be in. The skiing in America is always well known to have perfect slopes and challenging areas for everybody, and it always seems like they have something that will be fun for everyone with different lay'd out tree runs to having mini snowmobile's for the kids. Everything in the American slopes can be classed as perfect, everything (unfortunately) apart from the price.
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