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Switzerland - Grindelwald

Overall Rating: 5
Switzerland - Grindelwald


Accomodation 3.00 Town 5.00 Local facilities 4.00 (i.e. restaurants, hire shops) Slope conditions 5.00 Lift system 4.00 Skiing / Snowboarding experience 5.00 Apres-ski 3.00


Drag: 13
Chair: 20
Gondola: 2
Cable Car: 4

Resort Facts

Ski Area: 213km

Base Altitude: 1050m
Summit Altitude: 2500m

Nearest Airports: Zurich (153km), Geneva (232km)

Connected Resorts: Murren, Wengen

Resort Website:

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9 Reviews
" Oozes Swiss Charm! " Switzerland - Grindelwald 5 Review date: 16/12/2015 Date of trip: March - 2011 Smallish resort, but part of the larger Jungfrau r...
Accomodation 3 Town 5 Local facilities 4 (i.e. Restaurants, hire shops) Slope conditions 5 Lift system 4 Skiing / boarding experience 5 Apres ski 3
Smallish resort, but part of the larger Jungfrau region which includes the Wengen and Murren areas.

Grindelwald itself has mainly red runs, with a handful of blue and blacks available for slower or expert skiers accordingly. Also boasts the world's longest sledge run at 15km!

The village itself is exactly what you would expect from a typical Swiss mountain village - lots of chocolate box style chalets etc. Lovely scenery to just wander round, wishing you lived there all year round! One downside may be the transfer from Zurich - around 3hrs by coach! But don't let that put you off. This area is definitely one of my favourites, and is very highly regarded by many.
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