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Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for Ski Resort Advisor, and explains how we deal with all of the data supplied to us, by you our visitors.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at

1. General

Ski Resort Advisor offers a service of being able to search for information, statistics and reviews on particular resorts in order to make informed decisions on where to ski or snowboard. In addition, there is a news blog and a selection of articles to support this. All of these features are available for anyone to use, without creating an account or supplying any personal data.

Further advanced features are also available, which do require the creation of an account and supply of personal data. We understand that this requires a certain level of trust on your part, our visitor, and will do our upmost to provide a high level of security in protecting your data, and not sharing any of this with any party other than those listed in section 5.

2. Registration/Accounts

In order to create a new account, in the first instance it is necessary to supply us with:

  • first name
  • surname
  • a current email address

This is the only information which is mandatory, and the email address is not displayed within your public profile. By supplying this information, you will have the full use of all of the features of the website including;

  • The profile system
  • Uploading of photos
  • Writing reviews
  • Posting future trips
  • Connecting with other users

Whether you choose to supply any further information in order to fill out your full profile is entirely at your discretion and risk. We cannot take responsibility for any outcome arising as a result of this disclosure. However, we will treat any breach of the terms and conditions of the use of this website very seriously. All complaints should be emailed to

2.1 Information you choose to share

In filling out your profile you have the option to share any of the following information:

  • Skier/Snowboarder details and ability
  • Age range (but not exact age)
  • Home town/country
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Favourite resorts
  • Last resort visited
  • Facebook contact
  • Linked In contact
  • Twitter contact
  • Google contact
  • An email address
  • Ski related photographs
  • Planned trip details

Please note that in providing any of the above, this information will be available for all other site visitors to view.

2.2 Information which will not be shared or collected by Ski Resort Advisor

As stated in section 2, it is necessary to provide us with your full name and email address in order to register. There is the facility within the profile screens to create a username or ‘screen name’ that doesn’t have to reflect your full name (although it will default to your name initially, until you change it), and if you so wish can specify any other email address for contact purposes. We recommend that you do not use your main email address for this, but create a secondary web based email address, like google or yahoo mail.

Information that will never be collected by us includes your:

  • Full home address and postcode
  • Date of birth
  • Banking details

3. Statistical Data Collection

When you visit Ski Resort Advisor there is certain system data (see 3.1) that is collected automatically in order for us to track and analyse user behaviour. From this we can ascertain which pages are most frequently visited, and the general route that a user takes through the website. This allows us to modify our software and content in order to provide the most efficient service and enjoyable experience to our visitors.

By monitoring which advertising and affiliate links visitors decide to explore, we can also ensure that we tailor our marketing accordingly.

3.1 List of Data Collected

  • IP addresses
  • Date and Time of visit
  • Length of visit
  • Browser software
  • Click data
  • External websites visited

4. How we use the information we collect

The information that we collect from you upon registration (i.e full name and email) forms our primary database. This essential information allows us to communicate with you for purposes of:

  • registration
  • account management
  • complaint resolution
  • newsletters
  • relevant marketing

Additional information that you supply within your profile may be used to help us plan our future marketing initiatives and business development, but all secondary contact information (ie social media links) will not be used by us to contact you.

Data collected automatically though our web analytics may be used for software development and marketing as specified in section 3.

5. Who we may share your information with

Ski Resort Advisor may share your information from time to time with the following:

  • Business Partners - We may run initiatives, promotions or collaborate with other businesses in order to enhance the service we offer to our visitors
  • Marketing Companies - In order to offer the correct advertising on our website it may be necessary for us to disclose certain information to selected marketing companies
  • Affiliates - If you are referred to Ski Resort Advisor from another website it may be necessary for us to disclose certain registration information to our affiliates

We do however understand that personal information is sensitive, and will endeavour to ensure that we carefully select the companies that we do business with.

Under no circumstances will we supply your personal information to any party other than those listed above.

6. How we safeguard your information

Any personal information that you supply to us upon registration is stored on our secure web-servers. These servers are password protected and can only be accessed by us and our website management company, At no time will we allow anybody else to access this database.

Further information that you upload to your personal profile in the form of additional personal details, trip details, photos, and reviews will also be stored within our secure databases. However this information is designed to be displayed to other users for purposes of the website, so please be vigilant in protecting yourself. Never compromise your personal situation by disclosing anything that you would not want any other visitor to see.

7. Deactivating your account

You may at any time decide to deactivate your Ski Resort Advisor account. This can be done within the ‘Edit Profile’ section of the website. Upon doing so, all of your personal details will be removed from our database.

version 1.1 - August 2014