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10 of the Best Alpine Restaurants

January 2017

A week of skiing and mountain air is sure to give you a healthy appetite; but just where should you go for the ultimate alpine restaurant experience? Check out our guide to ten of the best...


Cookie Café, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland 

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Forget your traditional alpine dishes and dig in to a cookie burger or a pepperoni pizza. This café situated at 1800m, high in the Swiss Alps, is not your ordinary Swiss restaurant with fine dining and fancy cheeses. Cookie Café offers a more American lifestyle with burgers, pizza, chicken, the lot. Recently refurbished, the café now has an upstairs with comfy sofas and warm cosy blankets, and along with the fantastically reviewed service it makes for a nice change from the usual mountain eatery. And we must not forget the, to die for, freshly baked cookies with a hot cup of coffee. I’m on my way!


The Yurt, Solitude, Utah, USA

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Now this is something special. Imagine snow shoe walking through the lantern lit forest with a few bottles of wine in your bag whilst the snow falls around you. A clearing appears to reveal a Mongolian yurt and inside awaits for you a four course meal cooked by some of the finest chefs Utah has to offer. This incredible experience is available for groups of up to 22, and you can all sit round the fire and watch the chefs cook your meal right in front of you. The set menu contains your meats and fish but also some interesting new flavours; so if you are a fussy eater you may want to bring along a few biscuits just in case!


Lac des Chavonnes, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland

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Food is obviously the most important aspect of a restaurant but you would make the effort to come here even if they served you a single piece of unbuttered toast. Lac des Chavonnes sits in Villars amongst the Vaud Alps and has a truly picturesque setting in both winter and summer. With a lake inches from the building this place is a wonderful destination for a summer walk and the perfect place to eat halfway through your ski day. Just to clarify they don’t serve you unbuttered toast but a fine menu with traditional Swiss dishes like Vol-au-Vent.


Piz Boe Alpine Lounge, Alta Badia, Italy

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A truly stunning dining experience awaits in the Dolomites of South Tirol. The Piz Boe Alpine Lounge offers a mixture of Italian and Tirolean cuisine, whilst you can enjoy a bottle of Italy’s finest wine, taking in the breath-taking view which stretches from the Val Badia to the Alps. It is not only fine dining on offer in this restaurant in the clouds. If you are just feeling peckish then by all means grab a sandwich or a pizza and be on your way, but for those who wish to have a full meal, take a seat and treat yourself to something special.


Elk Camp, Aspen, USA

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Boasting an amazing curved roof and stone columns, Elk Camp’s design is inspired from the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Cosy up next to the fireplace with a hearty bowl of beef chilli and fresh cornbread or create your own salad with an array of fresh greens. Summer or winter, dining al fresco on the deck is always a good choice in sunny weather. Whether you’re coming in for lunch or taking a break from the snow, the homely restaurant is situated right next to the gondola so it is easy to find and simple to get back down the mountain. A true gem in the Rocky Mountains.


Findlerhof, Zermatt, Switzerland

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Stunning views and beautiful food - what more could you ask for? Switzerland dominates this list because not many others do fine dining on a ski slope much better than the Swiss. This beautiful chateaux sits over 2000m high and is covered in snow during the winter months. Just off the slopes it is easy to get to and the perfect place for a nice lunch. Traditional Swiss and Italian food awaits, and it looks divine.


Stanglealm, Going am Wilden Kaiser, Austria

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An old wooden building covered in snow is hidden away next to the edge of a mountain. This quaint restaurant is heaving at lunch time, during the ski season, and inside or out it is a gorgeous building to admire whilst you have your lunch. You can almost ski through the doorway as the restaurant sits right on a blue run. The food and drink is a menu of traditional Austrian dishes that eases the stomach after a hard mornings ski. Or come up in the evening and have a romantic meal for two or a party for twenty, it’s up to you. With a request you can even have a roasted pig to be prepared for your dinner. It does not get more Austrian than up here.


Jean Sulpice, Val Thorens, France

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Imagine having lunch in your ski clothes complete with comfy slippers on, in the highest Michelin starred restaurant in Europe! A truly unique experience sits in the three valleyed resort of Val Thorens. Whether you’re coming in for lunch or treating yourself to a fancy dinner all are welcome here. And with its gastronomic awards, need we mention that the food is to die for? Outside may be a snowy white canvas, but inside a warm and cosy fireplace shields you from the snow. The restaurant may appear pricey but it does not half look amazing. C’est Magnifique!


Kamimura, Niseko, Japan

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If you feel like you’re bored of all the normal ski resorts and the restaurants with the same old Alpine food then maybe you should try something new. Niseko in Japan is one of the best ski resorts in the country and offers epic amounts of snow, après-ski soaks in natural hot springs and stellar food, all served up with Japanese efficiency. The Kamimura is a Michelin star restaurant that will serve you up a nine course taster menu of the highest quality. You wanted different, you got it.


Flocons de Sel, Megeve, France

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The exceptional natural surroundings that provide Flocons de Sel with such an outstanding backdrop, its atmosphere, the style of cuisine, the creativity of its chef, and the quality of its service, are all ingredients that have earned this Megéve restaurant its three Michelin stars. Food that will satisfy your eyes as well as your stomach and high quality service - you get what you pay for in this crème de la crème French restaurant. 




Tom Norris
Media Writer

Tom is an avid skier and lover of travel.

He aims to combine his interests in sport and writing to carve out a long and distinguished career in sports journalism.

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