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First time guide


If this is your first visit to our site then thanks for taking the time to stop by!

There are many different reasons to use Ski Resort Advisor, and the aim of this article is to guide you through what’s available. You can also find out how the site came about by visiting our about page

Search Resorts

If you are looking for information/stats/maps and reviews on specific resorts, then take a look in our resorts section. You can either browse through resorts by country, or go straight to a resort using your keyboard to shortcut between countries.

Alternatively you can also look at resorts that fall into our 12 'Best For' categories (as defined by our reviewers), direct from the homepage. (Just scroll down the page to around halfway)

We’ve also added some other useful functionality:

Average rating calculations:
The ratings given to the categories alongside a resort are based on an average calculation from each review. By doing it this way we can be sure that the ratings system reflects true un-biased opinions.

Resort facts:
Each resort has a facts box. This will include information on lifts & pistes, airports, as well as providing links to maps, websites and adverts.

Reviewer levels:
Alongside a review there is a snapshot of information on the the reviewer, including their reviewer level.

  • Bronze - 3+ reviews
  • Silver - 6+ reviews
  • Gold - 10+ reviews

The more reviews they have left in the past, the more likely they are to be a reliable source!

Direct link to profiles:
If you enjoy reading a particular review, then why not find out a bit more about the reviewer. There are links on the left which take you directly to their profile. Here you can not only find out about the person, but also see any future trips that they have posted and other reviews that they have written.

Planned trips tab:
At the top of a resort page you will see a tab over on the right. Clicking on this will show all of the planned trips to that resort. So if you come across a resort that grabs your attention, then you can find out who is heading there.

Skiers & Boarders

We know that most people these days use social networks and online communities as part of their daily lives. So our aim is for Ski Resort Advisor to become a well known social network for all you skiers and boarders, allowing you to build up your list of contacts. Who knows, you may meet some lifelong friends right here.

To see who else is registered with us click on the link for Skiers and Snowboarders (or the person icon on mobile devices). From here you can browse through members by gender, and then click through to a full profile via the image.

Alternatively if you are looking to join others on a trip then scan down the trip list to view all, or use the search filters to narrow down the selection. Each trip will link through to the profile of the person that posted it. If you are interested in meeting up with them, then use their contact links to get in touch.


There is no obligation to create a profile if you just wish to browse the site. But if you want to be more interactive with other users, then use this feature to open up the options available to members.

A big part of this involves filling out a full profile so that people can learn more about you. Upload a clear image of yourself, some good pictures from your previous trips, as well as some social media contacts.

You can also use the 'About Me' section to advertise any ski/snowboard related services or businesses, or tell people other things about yourself.

Once your profile is complete, advertise the details of your next trips so that others can arrange with you to hit the slopes (or bars!) together.

SRA is already working on many more ideas to connect its members, so look out for new features being added. We’ll keep you posted in our e-newsletter.


Our magazine section is made up of lots of written and visual media on a whole range of topics. We aim to keep our content fresh and relevant, so that every time you visit there is something new to look at. Expect to see in-depth reports on different resorts, interviews with snow sports professionals and celebrities, as well as articles on anything and everything from new ski prototypes to the latest trends in beanies!



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