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"I've caught the Ski Bug"

November 2016

You often hear people when they arrive back from their first skiing holiday: “hey… I’ve caught the ski bug”. But there has never been much research into this winter virus, no charity pop-song and there is certainly no known cure.

The uninfected might think this phrase just means that they enjoy the sport of skiing, but it’s far greater than that. Skiing is more than just a sport, the bug is the culture, the environment and the pure fun of a day on the slopes.

The beauty of skiing, snowboarding and any activity of sliding down snow; everyone has different reasons for loving them.


You might be a racer tearing around the mountain, ripping past everyone and scaring the life out of people who are just out enjoying their cruise around in the fresh air.

You could be one of those cruisers, sticking to the big wide blues and taking three hours for lunch in an alpine lodge: eating, chatting and staring at the peaks that seem to just climb forever into the clouds.

Then you may be one of the ‘extreme’ mountaineers/skiers who wake up at the crack of dawn, with your crampons, ropes and carabiners, to climb four hours up a perilous route when the descent takes twenty minutes.

There are those cool/infuriating (depending on your age) skiers and snowboarders who spend most of their time in the snowpark, doing crazy death-defying leaps, and making seemingly impossible shapes in the air.

Of course to many people, skiing is a precious holiday that the whole family can enjoy. A great day out together, followed by evening activities and big cheesy dinners.


The point of skiing is that there is no point! A complete beginner can have just as much fun as a seasoned pro. You’ll see just as many smiles on the green slopes as the black ones.

So there really will never be a cure for the ski bug, the only possible remedy is to just get back on the slopes.




Matt Masson
Media Writer

Matt is a keen skier having learnt as a child, and takes regular jaunts to the Alps, especially the Chamonix valley.

He's also taught windsurfing and sailing in the past, and has a love of many other sports too!

He once ran a marathon to raise money for a ski charity.

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