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About Ski Resort Advisor

"Ski Resort Advisor was created because over the years I have found that you can never have enough people to ski with, or enough knowledge about resorts.”

As a ski instructor you may have thought that I would have plenty of people to ski with and all the information at my fingertips. But this definitely isn’t the case. The number of times I have tried to plan a trip, to discover that for all manor of reasons people couldn’t make it. So I set out to create an online community that would enable skiers and snowboarders to meet other like-minded friends of the ‘cold stuff’, and never be short of people to head to the slopes with. This idea then grew to become a larger resource for both novices and seasoned pros to tap into, when looking to decide on the next location for their travels. Welcome to Ski Resort Advisor!

Matt Sum-Jones Founder

What Ski Resort Advisor has to offer

  • Resort listings by country, with statistics and maps
  • A database of first-hand resort reviews written by site visitors; offering opinions, thoughts and advice
  • Engaging articles, interviews and regular news updates
  • The option to create a profile (free), opening up a greater choice of features including the ability to upload pictures, connect with others, plan trips, write reviews, and receive our newsletter